Paris Picks – Chez Janou

You will either love Chez Janou or you’ll hate it. At least that’s the conclusion I came to after reading the TripAdvisor reviews. I’ll get straight to where I stand on the matter: I bloody well love it. This Provençal restaurant close to Place des Vosges in Paris is no hidden gem. Look up #chezjanou…

Secret Paris? You’re on Your Own

Is there anything more exciting, more exquisite, than the idea of a secret Paris? Hidden alleyways, forgotten corners, if you have a passion for travel, you want to escape the tourists and get under the skin of the city. You want the speakeasy bar with no name on the door; the little-known jazz club where the voice…

Simple Suppers – Entrecôte with Peaches and Courgettes

In the hipster Marais, you can choose if you want your freshly-ground coffee made with beans from Madagascar or Nicaragua. Here, cakes are designed rather than baked. In the mood for something savoury to go with your natural, organic wine? Just nip around the corner to the pistachio shop for a bag of handpicked nuts….

8 Things I Miss About Paris When I’m Not There

I rarely get homesick and when I do it’s usually because I’m stressed out, worn out or weighed down. It’s more of a longing for a simpler time than anything else—a subconscious wish for someone else to look after me and worry about my problems for me. While I don’t often crave home, Paris is always…

Paris Picks – l’Ilot

There is a trio of food hotspots in the Marais that form a triangle around the streets of Rue Petit Thouars, Rue de la Corderie and Rue Charles Francois Dupuis. There is l’Ilot, a simple seafood restaurant; l’Aller Retour that serves up steaks in a room that feels a lot like someone’s living room and…

Paris vs. New York

People who adore New York say they love the energy, the creativity, the vibe. People love Paris for its timelessness, its beauty and elegance. Both cities are diverse and ever-changing. My list does not go to the core of Paris or New York – it is a list of first impressions alone.

Simple Suppers – Barbequed Rabbit

Cheap and versatile, rabbit on the barbeque makes for a delicious simple supper. We served it up with sauteed potatoes, beans, garlic and parsley and washed it down with ice-cold rosé wine.

Paris Picks – My Favourite Breakfast Spot

When choosing somewhere to eat in Paris you often have to make a choice: quality or location. Nestled in the arcades of the beautiful Place des Vosges, Carette is an exception to that rule. I can’t think of a better way to start the day than on the sunny terrace of this beautiful café.

Paris Picks – Soma

Tucked away in a small street of the Haut Marais, Soma is a hidden gem dishing up Japanese fusion to experimental locals. From outside, this little restaurant looks undeniably inviting. The Head Chef takes centre stage, surrounded by diners at the bar. Small wooden tables fill what is left of the space, lining the exposed stone walls….

BBQ on the Balcony – More Simple Suppers

Since we got the flat, we’ve been um-ing and ah-ing over whether or not to get a BBQ for the terrace.  I thought it might get stolen. We might annoy the neighbours (drive them mad with jealousy) with the smells of chargrilling entrecôte. And we weren’t even sure if it is allowed, by the building or the…