Considering Buying an Apartment in Paris? Just Do it.

What are you waiting for? You have a dream, you’ve got so far as to start researching, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog, you probably have the money or you wouldn’t be searching (you must be looking really hard to have found my tiny piece of the internet), so just do it! Take the next step and turn your dreams into reality.

Unless you have all the money in the world, buying an apartment in Paris, or anywhere, is a big step and you’ll find all sorts of reasons to put yourself off. What if I decide I want to do something else and my money is tied up? What if I get sick of Paris but feel obligated to use my apartment because I spent all my money on it? What if property prices crash and I lose my investment? What if Paris gets taken over by terrorists??

That’s your fear talking. Excuses that you make for not having to leave the cosy, snug cocoon of your comfort zone. None of these terrible things is going to happen. What will happen, and this I know for sure, is that you will:

  1. Have great fun on your property hunt, exploring Paris and discovering all of the exciting options available to you.
  2. Feel the thrill of finding the perfect place, on the perfect street that is everything you ever imagined it would be.
  3. Learn a lot! Not only about buying an apartment, but about taxes, fees, how French banking works, how to talk to a plumber in French.. all that useful stuff.
  4. Discover the real secrets of Paris – the best places to buy tiles, paint, kitchen appliances… and experience the joy of turning your new apartment into a home.
  5. Become a local in one of the great cities of the world. The more you get to know Paris, and make it your own, the more you will wonder why you ever had doubts.
  6. Be a braver, more confident person as a result – someone who knows how to take action and turn dreams into reality.
  7. Start a blog? Maybe not, but you’ll at least be bursting full of tips and recommendations whenever someone mentions they’re off to Paris.
  8. Fall even more in love with the city and start to crave it when you’re not there.
  9. Watch as the value of your property increases each year, and feel good knowing that you made a solid investment.
  10. Feel proud that you felt the fear and then did it anyway.

I’m a firm believer that in life, you only regret the things you didn’t do; the things you didn’t take action on when you had the chance; the things you didn’t change when you should have. Because you could have. See you in Paris 🙂


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