A Professional Photoshoot

Photography, like decorating and cutting hair, is one of those things where the final result is just so much better when it is done by a professional.  A photographer friend who specializes in homes and interiors, offered to come in and take photos of our little piece of Paris. Here are the results.

As photography novices, we thought the pictures we had taken were nice enough, but when we saw the result of Karen’s photoshoot, the difference was plain to see. The pictures were so much brighter – ok, ours were taken in November and hers in May but the result is more than seasons apart.

Because the flat is small, we struggled to get enough perspective to take pictures of the entire room. Karen’s wide lens took care of that.

One tip for taking great photos of an apartment is to use only natural light. In our first pictures we had lamps and candles blazing to make it look warm and cosy. Karen’s recommendation was to turn off all of the lights, even if it seems dark. Adjust the shutter settings to pick up all available light and use a tripod to avoid motion blur.

To make a small space seem larger, keep it tidy and uncluttered. We have tried to keep our studio as minimalist as possible, using knick-knacks and soft furnishings to make it feel welcoming and cosy.

We wanted the pictures to show the flat at its best, not to create an unrealistic expectation of size and space. It might be tempting to use camera trickery to widen your space, but be careful not to warp the pictures. I’m not entirely sure how she did it but Karen managed to get great shots of the entire flat, including ceiling, floors and doors, without distorting the images or reality.


There are a lot of great online resources full of ticks and tips for taking great photos in your home. However, if you have neither the time nor inclination to turn your hand to hobby photography, but want to show off your space in a professional way, bring in an expert. It will make all the difference.


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