Why Paris?

Paris has been seducing visitors and dreamers for centuries. It has a timeless elegance, a frenetic energy. Importantly, it has a stable real estate market and an insatiable demand for central accommodation.

What is it about Paris that captures so many hearts? There is the obvious: the iconic architecture; the cloud-scraping Eiffel Tower; the leafy Hausmanian boulevards; and the breathtaking churches of Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame. There is the art; the sprawling cafes; and the winding river Seine. There is the food…oh my god, the food. Then there are the more subtle things: the unique character of each arrondissement; the hidden parks; the booksellers; and the markets. Hole-in-the-wall wine bars; sumptuous delis; and antique stalls, all waiting to be discovered.

While Paris wins hearts with ease, it is important to use your head before committing to a major investment. If you’re looking for short-term profit gain, Paris is probably not the place to buy. It is however, a low risk investment. Property prices in Paris dropped slightly in 2015, and may continue to do so, but the market is never going to collapse. Despite the hefty square metre prices, investors, businesses, citizens and romantics all want a piece of it. Paris is not only the capital of France, it is a capital of the world. Profit was not the motivator when we decided to buy. We were led by our hearts, but it was important to know that the risk is low. If we need to sell, for whatever reason, our Marais studio will be snapped up in seconds. The scarcity of rental accommodation in the city means we will always be able to rent it out.

Everyone asks the question, why Paris?  I find it difficult to answer. My first experience as a tourist left me wanting more. We went back again and again, and with each visit, loved it a little more. I adore having lunch in the bistros; strolling along the Seine, the pale sunlight shining on the grey facades. I get a buzz from the vibrancy of the big city, and the energy generated by the millions of multicultural people who live there. Paris isn’t without flaws. It is noisy and the traffic is horrendous. It has its share of social problems, and there is dog poo on the streets. However, when the day’s last rays of sun touch the city’s spires; and the evening lights flicker on, the terraces bustling with life, there is nowhere I’d rather be. Loving Paris is hardly original, but I do.

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